Enquiries From Our Visitors

dear sir, i would like to buy a plot in vizag, and the developer has an office in vizag with huge infrastructure. can i buy a plot with them if they are not registered in RERA?. please guide me if i face any difficulty if i buy a plot in an unregistered firm in RERA?

From : narlagovardhan@gmail.com

Ans:- Dear Sir, It is always advisable to invest your hard earned money in a RERA registered property/projects. This way you will be protected under RERA in case of any discrepancies in future. Alternatively you can invest a ready plotted development project where the developer has obtained the legal clearance and completion certificate of the project. In this case the Project need not be registered with RERA. Good Luck!

Can i have RERA registered Nationally. Thanks Dhananjay

From : Noida

Ans:- Yes,you can.You will have to provide the required document to each state's RERA authority through online/ offline depending upon the state and make the RERA registration payment which varies state to state. For more information please visit : http://apnarera.com/rera-academy (For fees and documents required). Know more about RERA notification here: http://apnarera.com/rera-states Thank you

We are Chennai Based Promoter and launching our new project Residential and commercial. Can you suggest us few channel partners to market our project? Our launch is in September 15th.

From : Chennai

Ans:- First of all we wish you the best for your project launch. If you have not registered your projects with the TN RERA, we would advise you to register with the RERA TN. We can provide you the details of RERA registered agents in Chennai. We will also keep you updated about the newly RERA registered agents. If you assign any agents to market your project, we would advise you to update/submit the details about them with RERA Tamil Nadu.

Dear Apna Rera TEAM,Can you update us whether PRACHI RESIDENCY in Baner ,Pune has enrolled and approved by Maharashtra regulatory authority. We are in the final stage of finalising the property in the same project.. Can we go ahead?

From : Mumbai

Ans:- PRACHI RESIDENCY phase 2 is located in Baner, Pune is registered with MAHA RERA with Rera Reg. no:P 52100003737. You can call developer directly and get authenticated rera registered certificate from the developer or contact MAHA rera office to reconfirm the same. Maha Rera official contact details :Maharashtra RERA Office Address3rd Floor, A-Wing, Slum Rehabilitation Authority,Administrative Building, Anant Kanekar Marg,Bandra (E), Mumbai 400051 Phone No.: 26590028/ 26590029/ 26590030/ 26590032/ 26590035/ 26590036.

We have signed up with you as a developer . Presently our on going and completed projects are located in Pune and New Bombay.Our CRM team is trying to log in to view the requirements from the property buyers and it says that this features are allowed only for the RERA registered projects.We tried to change the password still we are not able view the contact details of the property buyers.We are able to view all the rera registered projects. Pls help us in this matter. ( Jadhav Kelkar)

From : Pune

Ans:- Dear Jadhav,Your login credentials are OK as you are able to see all the rera registered project details.You will be able to view property seekers requirements only after you update your rera registered project with us.To update your rera registered project details you can click on this link ( http://apnarera.com/rera-registration-for-project ) and update the same.Once your property details appears in RERA registered list, you can go ahead with searching for the contact details of the property seekers who are interested in your locations.If you find any difficulty please write a mail to us.

Who is eligible to publish in APNA RERA? What are the benefits?

From : Lucknow

Ans:- Developers & Agents who have already registered their project/s with their respective state RERA authority are only eligible to publish their projects at APNA RERA. APNA RERA will publish only those projects holding a valid registration number issued by the respective state RERA authority. APNA RERA is a private one stop countrywide platform covering all Indian states for RERA related information, frequented by various real estate communities. Adding your RERA registration details will help Indian and overseas buyers and investors find you easily. Buyers can reach out to the RERA registered developers and agents and you can also approach them for promoting/ marketing your project. After the implementation of the RERA, investors will prefer funding only RERA registered projects. Many investors and property buyers visit apnarera.com to accumulate information related to the new RERA guidelines whereby RERA registered projects will get more attention of real estate investors. This will increase your brand credibility as you showcase yourself as a reputed RERA complaint realtor.

I am a resale owned property buyer in Mysore. Will I come under Karnataka RERA as a consumer?

From : Mysore

Ans:- Is your purchased property is ready to occupy with occupancy certificate ? Ready to occupy project with OC will not come under RERA Karnataka. If your property is ready without OC or the mentioned property is on going project,then your project will come under Karnataka RERA purview.

I have purchased 3BHK flat in Chambur, taken possession in January-17, I paid entire amount without home loan. I work in Bahrain with Municipality office. Now I want to take loan from the bank for some personal reason. Can you suggest which bank provides mortgage loan with attractive interest rate? Thank you, Swaminathan

From : Mumbai

Ans:- Please check whether you have obtained the Completion/Occupancy certificate (OC/CC) for your flat.As per the recent circular by the banks operating under RBI, no loans will be disbursed in lieu of a real estate property which is not registered with the RERA. If you have the OC/CC pertaining to your flat then you can approach the bank for a loan subject to your eligibility.

Please confirm if we want to register our project within this week, should we pay over levied penalty in registration fee while registering with RERA Rajasthan?

From : Jaipur

Ans:- If your project is in the under construction phase and comes under the definition of ‘on-going’ project as defined in rules for RERA Rajasthan, then a penalty will be levied for late registration if you fail to register your project within the stipulated time. If your project is a new launch and you have not advertised or sold any units then the fee prescribed in the RERA Rajasthan notification will be charged for registering your project with the RERA.

We have updated our project but we are not able to log in.

From : Yash Dubey, Lucknow

Ans:- Hello Yash,You are logging in with wrong email id.Please check your official E-mail id given while signing up.We have also alerted message through SMS to your registered mobile number.

I want to register my Pvt Ltd Company in Rera want to know official government fees for Estate agents

From : Mumbai

Ans:- To get information on RERA fees for real estate agents registration, please go through the link given here (1) http://apnarera.com/rera-maharashtra (2) http://apnarera.com/documents/maharashtra-forms/agent/application-for-registration-of-real-estate-agent-form-g.pdf (3) http://apnarera.com/rera-maharashtra-fees

Want to buy flat in Thane / near to area , only Maha rera certificate building.

From : Thane

Ans:- Please go to following link: http://apnarera.com/rera-approved-projects-and-agents and submit your specific requirements.

Dear sir / Madam, I am an a NRI buyer from Australia( Sydeney) and interested in investing in a property ( 3BHK) in PUNE. My Budget is 75L to 1cr. Please suggest us few good residential community in Pune which is approved Maharashtra rera authority.

From : Sydney

Ans:- Thank you for visiting Apna Rera. Please go through the link below to find the list of Rera registered and approved Pune projects enrolled with us.To view the detailed information and contact details of the project you will have to register through the what up (For NRI'S) . Instruction are given in login / registration page. LINK: http://apnarera.com/rera-approved-projects-and-agents/projects/maharashtra-rera-registered-projects/pune/ You can contact with developer directly for further discussions. For more information or assistance related to Rera,please do mail us. Thanking you PR team of Apna Rera.

Location of RERA office.

From : Kamal Prakash from Patna

Ans:- Dear Kamal, Since you are from Patna, I hope you are asking us to provide Bihar RERA authority office address and details.You can find the details in the link here ( http://apnarera.com/rera-bihar ) Thank you, Apna Rera Support Team.

Which are the promotional advertisements covered under RERA ? and Should I incorporate my RERA registration Number ?

From : Navi Mumbai

Ans:- All the Print medias,Bill board and hoarding advts,electronic media advertisements such as sms, email etc are covered under RERA. While advertising in any of these media mention your RERA registered numbers. If you are advertising as an a agent declare your agent's RERA registration no. along with the project's RERA registration number in the advertisement.

Thank you for adding new feature in your web site ( Know about Rera registered projects ) . This feature will help us in choosing the property.
I appreciate your effort of spreading awareness of RERA among the property buyers world. There are still thousands of home buyers who are not aware of RERA rules, and they should not get trapped with unregistered builders and projects. Many many thanks from Raghav Deshpande.

From : Navi Mumbai

Ans:- Thank you Mr. Raghav, we also want you to spread awareness related to the RERA among your friends and relatives and keep them updated

We own a Land measuring 690 square meter in Panvel. We want to build building scheme with 6 apartments. Will it come under it come under Rera ?

From : Solapur

Ans:- As per RERA Maharastra any project which has land area of more than 500 sqmts or has more than 8 apartments will come under the purview of Maha RERA. Thus your property will require registration with MahaRera.

We are in process of buying 3BHK in Pune. Need some info regarding registered builders.

From : Pune

Ans:- You can log into following link to get information on RERA registered projects. http://apnarera.com/search-rera-registered-projects

Where to give grievance and complaint of delayed villa project in Mysore?

From : Mysore

Ans:- Complaints can be logged in the official Karnataka RERA website.

I am a buyer of NG Grande in Gwalior which is registered under RERA Madhya Pradesh. While checking the details, I could not see my property details and apartment no. Please clarify.

From : Gwalior

Ans:- Under the RERA act there is no provision of listing the buyer’s details. Since project is already registered with MP RERA, you can consider yourself to be in safe zone.

We bought a Row house in a villa project in Nagpur in July, 2016. The project is mortgage by builder with the finance company -our builder has not disclosed these details in Maha RERA website. Is this O.K ?

From : Nagpur

Ans:- You can always complaint against the developer for incorrect disclosure of project details in RERA website thus violating section 4 of the Act.

Can a builder market/sale in a project just getting the acknowledgement number for having submitted the application to RERA.

From : Bangalore

Ans:- Developers can advertise and market the project after getting the provisional RERA number. In case RERA finds the information given by the developer wrong or incomplete, the registration of his project will be rejected and RERA may penalize the developer.

I have purchased an apartment last year in under construction project. Till last week same project was not registered with Rera. Today when I checked in RERA WEB SITE I found the project details and rera registration number, I was surprised to see the extension another 9 months in giving the possession. Can I lodge the complaint?

From : Mumbai

Ans:- The builder can apply for the extension of the deadlines given at the time of registration. Under section 6 RERA notification, a BUILDER can apply for POSSESSION Extension and he may get the extension up to 1 year.

We are constructing 3 buildings in Kota and Jaipur. We have registered all the three projects with the rera Rajasthan. Two of our buyers have paid 50 % of the total cost of the apartment and we have provided only Allotment letter to them. Both customers are living USA and are not able to make a visit for next 1 year to sign the agreement. Please advice.

From : Jaipur

Ans:- You can send an official mail to them followed by a registered post to their present and permanent address in USA and India respectively. Keep the acknowledgement receipt as a proof and also take an undertaking letter from them to safeguard you. As per the RERA Law, if the builder collects more than 10% of the unit cost, then it is necessary to make an agreement with the allottee.

Want to know which are residential projects comes under Rera, my son wants buy a property for investment in Bhopal. Pls suggest.Thank you

From : Bhopal

Ans:- To get updated information click the link below. http://apnarera.com/search-rera-registered-project

Can I withdraw the agreement and ask for the refund, if project gets delayed beyond the stipulated time?

From : Muscat

Ans:- Yes you can cancel the deal and get the entire amount along with interest.

I would like to change my current home loan provider to SBI?

From : Nashik

Ans:- You can always shift your home loan provider to SBI if the project you are referring is registered with Maha RERA. Also, check the terms and condition of your existing home loan provider before changing the loan provider.

Want to know whether Bewel homes project by Chandyl Infra located in Virar listed in RERA Maharashtra, We bought a1 BHK property here Last Year and wanted the information.

From : Mumbai

Ans:-As of Today (7/8/2017) the above mentioned project under the developer’s name Chandyl Infra is not registered.

Please define the meaning of ongoing project in Mangalore?

From : Mangalore

Ans:- According to the Karnataka RERA notification published by the state government “On-going project” means a project where development is going on and for which completion certificate has not been issued but excludes such projects which fulfill any of the following criteria on the date of notification of these rules :-

  1. In case of layouts where the streets and civic amenities sites and other services have been handed over to the Local Authority and Planning Authority for maintenance
  2. In case of apartments where common areas and facilities have been handed over to the registered Association consisting of majority of allottees
  3. The projects for which the development works have been completed as per the Act and certified by the competent agency and sale/lease deeds of sixty percent of the apartments/houses/plots have been registered and executed
  4. The projects where all development works have been completed as per the Act and certified by the competent agency and application has been filed with the competent authority for issue of completion certificate /occupation certificate
  5. Projects for which partial occupancy certificate is obtained to the extent of the portion for which the partial Occupancy Certificate is obtained

Please go through the link given here for more information on Karnataka RERA. http://apnarera.com/rera-karnataka

To Apna rera, I am Anil Madnani from Hong Kong and I am in real estate business. I am regularly selling Mumbai and Pune real estate investments to Hong Kong NRI, I want your help. I want RERA registration and please promote me in your web site.

From : Hong Kong

Ans:- Dear Anil, First of all we advise you to get registered with Maharashtra RERA and simultaneously get associated with the projects registered with Maha RERA. Once you get registered with MahaRERA, same details can be updated with us to get NRI leads.

What if I buy a 3 bhk resale property of 12 years old in Santa Cruz (E) in a registered society in Mumbai without the completion certificate? This is a resale transaction. Can I register the property in our name as this property is without CC?

From : Mumbai

Ans:- RERA Maharashtra clearly specifies that ready project without completion certificate will have to register under RERA. The said society can always apply for C.C from the concerned authorities and regularize their status. Please consult your society/ association officials, for further clarification.

I am going to buy an ongoing flat in Pune. I will pay 50% of the total amount and for the rest I am thinking to take home loan. The developer is in the process of registering with the RERA. Should I proceed?

From : Pune

Ans:- We would suggest you to wait till the developer register the project with the RERA and get the RERA registration number. Also, the banks will not provide home loans for the projects that are not registered with the RERA. For reference you can read this news. https://goo.gl/6CPEzi

I have registered myself as a broker with RERA UP. Can I do the business in any other state?

From : Lucknow

Ans:- In order to carryout real estate business as an agent in other state you have to get yourself registered with the RERA of that state. In your case, your registration is valid only in Uttar Pradesh.

May I get details of rera approved row houses in Bangalore

From : Bangalore

Ans:- Please go through the link for your required details. http://apnarera.com/search-rera-registered-projects

What is on-going price in Rekha Sky garden in Kolhapur?

From : Kolhapur

Ans:- This project is registered with MahaRERA bearing RERA registration number “P53000000341”. For details on project and pricing, you can contact the developer by visiting bhimabuilders.com.

Thank you for giving updates on registered projects. I would like to know whether I can invest in one the project approved and sell it during construction period?

From : Navi Mumbai

Ans:- Yes, you can sell the unit during the construction period as RERA does not have any such rules. We also suggest you to go through sale agreement and check the terms and conditions.

Interested in buying commercial office space in Hyderabad. I cannot see any RERA approved projects in commercial building. Pls update.

From : Seattle

Ans:-Recently, the Telangana government has notified the RERA rules and the process of project registration is still going on. The government has not yet published the details of RERA registered projects/agents. Once we get the data, we will update the same on our website.

I want to sell my Land (1.9 acres).. Where should I get aproval and how much money? Pls help me.

From : Coimbatore

Ans:- Please specify whether you are selling the land to an individual or developing as a plotted development. If you are selling the land as a plotted development, you have to register the project with Tamilnadu RERA. To do so, you can visit TN RERA office.

Tamil Nadu Real Estate Regulatory Authority (TNRERA),
IIIrd Floor (East Wing),
CMDA, 'Thalamuthu-Natarajan Maaligai',
No.1, Gandhi Irwin Road, Egmore,
Chennai – 600 008.

Hello Rera, I cannot find Agreement format in Gujarat Page. Pls send me the link. Thanks

From : New Jersey

Ans:- You can visit: http://apnarera.com/rera-academy . You will find the agreement for sale there.

Kab se lagu hoga Kolkata mien rera? aur kya fayda?

From : Kolkata

Ans:- Hamare sutro ke anusar, West Bengal government aane wale Vidhan sabha ke monsoon session me RERA rules finalize kr sakti hai. RERA ke aane ke baad hone wale faydo ke liye nich diye gaye link ko visit kare - http://apnarera.com/about-rera

My budget is 65Lacs. Please suggest me Ready flat for our family.

From : Mira Bhayandar

Ans:- We advise you to go for property with OC/ completion certificate . Further you can contact few RERA registered agent in your area who can assist you in getting properties with in your budget.

I want to sell my Bungalow 4 room, 1 hall, Family hall, 5 Bath…Beautiful house and maintan.Pls Give you contact

From : Sholapur

Ans:- Please note that we are not a real estate broker, you can contact brokers based in your area.

I bought an apartment in Kandivali East, the possession is in 2018 December. What if the developer doesn’t go for rera approval? What happens if he defaults in rera application?

From : Durban

Ans:- As per your question we understand that the developer has not registered with the RERA. If the developer breeches any RERA rule, the allootte can lodge complaint against him with the MahaRERA. Further developer cannot sell any apartment if the project is not registered with the RERA.

We are having a real estate development company and our sister concern company (Real Estate Brokerage ) Market our projects. Can I only register my project with the rera and market the same through the sister concern company.

From : Agra

Ans:- The sister concern company (Real Estate Brokerage ) is a different entity, dealing in brokerage business which has to be registered with RERA.

I have registered as an individual real estate agent and now I am planning to open a real estate agency in partnership. Do I need to register my company with RERA as a firm?

From : Surat

Ans:- If you are doing the transaction through your real estate firm then you have to register the same with the RERA as a real estate firm.

Please specify which state’s RERA rules will be applicable in Chandigarh. Punjab or Haryana?

From : Chandigarh

Ans:- Chandigarh is not part of either Punjab or Haryana. It is a Union Territory and is governed directly by the Union Government, so the RERA rules prescribed by the Union government will be applicable in Chandigarh. You can view RERA Chandigarh rules by visiting - http://apnarera.com/rera-chandigarh

I want to know the RERA registration status of project namely "KRISHNA BHUMI" at Mathura by promoters Snowwhite Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.

From : New Delhi

Ans:- There are three projects by the name of Krishnabhumi by Snow white infrastructure private limited in Mathura

  3. KRISHNABHUMI - TULSI VAS (RERA Reg. No. : Registration Number :UPRERAPRJ7131)

Can Real Estate agents who are not registered with the RERA enrol with Apna Rera?

From : Jodhpur

Ans:- No, only RERA registered agents or projects can update their RERA related information and can enrol with us.

Dear Sir, we are group of 18 members looking to buy home in a single project. Can you suggest me few RERA approved developers in Kochi?

From : Jeddah

Ans:- As of now the Kerala RERA has not made the list of RERA registered projects and agents public. Once the authority updates the information we will notify you.

I am planning to buy a 2BHK apartment in an under construction project in Pune. The total selling area as per the builder is 1070 sq. ft. How will I know whether the builder is selling apartment as per carpet or built-up area? He is also using a word RERA carpet area. Please clarify.

From : Mumbai

Ans:- Make sure you are buying only RERA approved project since it is on-going. As per RERA rules the developer can sell the units in carpet area which is also known as RERA carpet area which means the net usable floor area of an apartment, excluding the area covered by the external walls, areas under services shafts, exclusive balcony or verandah area and exclusive open terrace area, but includes the area covered by the internal partition walls of the apartment. You can also demand for architect certified area statement from the developer.

What is the benefit for buyers in purchasing RERA registered projects?

From : Guwahati

Ans:- There are many benefits of buying RERA registered projects. Please refer this link to know more: http://apnarera.com/about-rera-buyers

Can we buy an independent villa in phase 2 of a project, where phase 1 is registered with the RERA but phase 2 is not yet registered? Both the phase comes in one parcel of land.

From : California

Ans:- As per the RERA rules, if the developer is constructing a project in more than one phases, he/she needs to register all phases separately with the RERA. So we would recommend you not to go ahead with phase 2 till it gets registered with the RERA.

I am not a real estate agent but I am referring a home buyer to my friend who is a RERA registered real estate agent. If in future anything goes wrong, will RERA held me liable for the same?

From : Bhubaneswar

Ans:- No, the RERA won’t hold you liable for any misconduct in the business. Since officially all the services are provided by your friend who is a RERA registered real estate agent, the RERA may set up a probe against him.

Is Apna Rera a government website?

From : Meerut

Ans:- No, APNA RERA is not a government website.

What is the benefit of giving my project’s RERA related information at Apna Rera?

From : Indore

Ans:- There are enormous benefits of updating your project’s RERA related information at APNA RERA. Some major benefits include:-

  • You get noticed by the largest audience of prospective property seekers in India and overseas who are looking only for RERA registered projects.
  • Your brand credibility will increase and you can showcase yourself as a reputed RERA compliant realtor

To know more you can visit: apnarera.com/rera-registration-for-project

I want to know about agent RERA registration fee for individual and company in Gujarat.

From : Anand

Ans:- You can visit apnarera.com/rera-gujarat-fees to get the information related to RERA registration fee.

Can you please define the term ‘authority’ under RERA Odisha? Who is heading authority?

From : Bhubaneswar

Ans:- You can get the definition of ‘Authority’ along with definition of other terms used in RERA notification by visiting - http://apnarera.com/rera-glossary

I need to register with RERA UP?

From : Ghaziabad

Ans:- You can visit www.up-rera.in, which is the official website of RERA Uttar Pradesh. For more information regarding RERA notification, RERA fee, documents required for RERA registration and more, you can visit apnarera.com/rera-academy.

Would like to know about Rera approved agents in Bhopal

From : Bhopal

Ans:- Chugh syndicate property pvt limited is one of the RERA registered agency firm having RERA registration number “A-BPL-17-005”

Gujarat RERA registration – extension

From : Surat

Ans:- To know more about extension for the registration in Gujarat RERA visit : apnarera.com/rera-gujarat-news

I have completed my project in March 2017, but haven’t applied for occupancy certificate. Do i need to apply for registration under RERA?

From : Mumbai

Ans:- As per the RERA rules, the projects which have not got the OC will come under the RERA rules and the developer has to register the project with the RERA.

I have booked 3BHK in Electronic city Bangalore as a pre-launch project about 4 months back. Since the developer is withdrawing the project and paying us the refund with the interest. Now, I want to know about RERA registered projects in Electronic city.

From : Bangalore

Ans:- Karnataka RERA has received more than 680 applications for project registration in various locations. The registration details will be updated soon on the official website of Karnataka RERA.

I want to enrol and register my project with RERA, please guide

From : Noida

Ans:- To register your project with RERA you need to visit the office of the local RERA authority or you can also register online by visiting the official RERA website of the state where your project is located.

The quality of the information and content is superb. This is what a visitor seeking for RERA information wants to read. Good job Apna RERA. Keep it up.

From : Delhi

Ans:- Thanks for your feedback. It means a lot to us. Its people like you who motivate us to provide updated information

Kudos! Apna RERA. This is a great initiative from your side to popularize RERA India. Your recent seminar on RERA India-Benefits to NRIs in Abu Dhabi and Dubai was very informative. Keep organizing these kinds of seminars.

From : Abu Dhabi

Ans:- Thank you for your support. We will be visiting Kuwait and Doha in the nearest future.

Is Sector e golf links and Manik lifestyle Project is registered in Indore with the MP RERA?

From : Indore

Ans:- Sector e golf links is registered with MP RERA (RERA reg. no. P-IND-17-003) and Manik lifestyle is not registered with RERA yet.

I have not yet done my RERA Registration. People are saying the last date was 31st July. Can I not register myself now?

From : Mumbai

Ans:- We can provide you precise answer if you can tell us whether you are a real estate agent or a developer. Additionally, you can check state-wise RERA registration fee, read the RERA notification and more by visiting: apnarera.com/rera-academy.

Dear Sir, we have on-going project at Bangalore and would like to register. Please help me regarding this.

From : Bangalore

Ans:- You can visit the official website for RERA Karnataka rera.karnataka.gov.in and can register your on-going project.

Should I check only Rera approved property while buying ready to occupy apartment?

From : Allahabad

Ans:- If the property you are going to buy has an authentic occupancy / completion certificate then the RERA rules will not be applicable on such projects.

We are real estate builder from Thane. We have registered on-going projects with the Maharashtra RERA. Can we share our projects’ RERA registration details?

From : Thane

Ans:- Certainly, there is no harm in sharing your Projects’ RERA registration details as it gives credibility and genuineness to your project and company. You can update your RERA registration details at APNA RERA by visiting: http://apnarera.com/rera-registration

Need to register my commercial project situated in Lucknow.

From : Lucknow

Ans:- You can visit the official website of RERA Uttar Pradesh up-rera.in for the same.

Where to make complaint about a Builder?

From : Bangalore

Ans:- You can visit the RERA office or official RERA website of your state for the same.

Kindly educate all the promoter and buyer update the latest improvement in RERA

From : Mumbai

Ans:- You can read latest news from Apna RERA for the same by visiting apnarera.com/news-tab

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