RERA - Engineers and Architects responsible for building’s structural flaws in Maharashtra for 10 years

RERA - Engineers and Architects responsible for building's structural flaws in Maharashtra for 10 years

Mumbai: The state government announced that professionals involved in real-estate construction either it is an architect, structural engineer, contractor, licensed surveyor or other technical consultants, all will be responsible for any structural defect or flaws related to the building within 10 years from the time it is built.

On Wednesday, the Maharashtra state urban development department issued a public notice inviting suggestions and objections from public for the new rules of RERA Maharashtra . "It has to be made clear that the rule came into force with immediate effect, but we are seeking for any further suggestions from the people", a senior officer of the department said to the reporters.

According to consumers in Maharashtra, this is one of the best moves from the government to make the real estate sector reliable and to save the interest of buyers, but on the other hand, the government had left major loopholes in the RERA rules.

The industry sources said that, the projects with built-up area of 20,000 sq. m and housing complexes with 40-story or above having four flats on each floor, comes under the rule.

According to the government authority, the Defect Liability clause is already included in the center's rules for Real Estate (Regulatory & Development) Act.

As per the rule, builders will be liable for any defects during the first three years after the project is completed.

Commenting on the new provisions an architect said that, "The home buyers are also responsible for damages, as they do additional alternations after a building is completed without taking advice from architects and interior designers."

According to other architects, engineers and developers, the new rule is not a point of worry because the reinforced cement concrete (RCC) buildings generally remain trouble-free for the first 30 years except for painting and other minor work.

In the US, architects and engineers are held accountable for any structural defects and they take professional indemnity insurance in case they get sued for substandard work.

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    I want to know that if Lenience Engineer is authorized to sign plan passing in PMC for sanction of Projects is he authorized to sign as Architect for release of payment from Bank. can anyone explain

      Milind Rajaram Yadav

      i have same question because engineers can also sign the plans so can they give certificate as L. S.

    Pramod Patil

    Where to get Project Engineer licence for RERA Act in pune.?Please help me.

    Ajay Mukhi

    Hi.. Can anyone answer me- when Maharastra RERA Rules come under force. Once rules implemented which are the Maharashtra cities come under the RERA authority? Is Nagpur, Aurangabad, Bhiwandi, Solapur, Kolhapur etc. cities are included. I am sure about Mumbai Navi Mumbai and Pune.

      Manju Vasawni

      once MAHA. RERA implements the rules in Maharastra, You can lodge the complaint with RERA authority in their proposed office. Go through for the Maharastra rera draft rules. Maha Rera's proposed office is in SRA building in Bandra for the RERA authority.

    Raman chennai

    this rule is only Maharashtra, for other states please provide me details . I am from Coimbatore we purchased 1 BHK but I am not happy with construction quality. Where and how can I give complaints. Pls help

    K.G JAIN Please check this and comment … INNOCENT PEOPLE DIES DUE TO POOR QUALITY OF CONSTRUCTION . We want this rules in Rajasthan ( K.G.J from USA)

      Manik Dowda

      Thank you for the link provided.. fight for safe house

    Vilas Deshpande

    Will Architect and consultant will take the responsibility. What if developer's construction quality became poor and for the reason if structure gets defected. Architect will not have any control over the material used for the construction. ???

      Sujit Rao

      professional involved in the project like RCC consultant , contractor etc  should have a clear written understanding  among them( BUILDER AND HIS APPOINTED CONSULTANTS) regarding the quality and quantity of material used. Builder has to appoint engineers, supervisor to check the quality :)

        Vilas Deshpande

        not necessary structural flaws /defects occurs due to poor quality material used. It can be bad design and wrong in put by other related consultant

        Manik Dowda

        are you developer or contractor??? Rules is rules for every body….

          Sujit Rao

          I am doing architecture course in Pune. (?? #

            Manik Dowda

            ;{ wish u d best…###### jaago

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