Realtors - Tips to Add a Pinch of Relief in Your Stressful Life

Realtors - Tips to Add a Pinch of Relief in Your Stressful Life

By Apna RERA

The real estate business is considered as one of the most stressful businesses. It is a roller coaster and there is a tough competition in the market. The busy working schedule, overloaded responsibilities and becoming a 360o manager are more than enough to make you anxious and tired.

Why is The Real Estate Business Stressful?

As a realtor, you get personally invested in the business but every time you can't expect positive results. Sometimes, everything goes right and sometimes a lot of things go wrong before the deal is signed. The stress may sometimes push you right to the brink and the upshot may be more devastating which may lead to the grossly stressful state of affairs.

The Real Estate Business Stressful

A lagging schedule, complex negotiations, sagging sales and a lot more are the reasons behind the stress in the real estate sector. Also, some uncontrollable circumstances such as litigations, shortage of materials & labour, government hurdles, failure of service providers and much more add to the anxiety of realtors.

How Realtors Invite Stress?

Stress mostly come uninvited but sometimes the realtors invite them. Suppose a builder has an on-going project. The teamwork is really good, the materials are arriving on time and the flow of money is constant. Now, the developer invests the amount that he got from the buyers for this on-going project into some other project and this is the point where the problem starts. Instead of 'ease of doing business', the realtor ends up with 'stress of doing business'.

Realtors Invite Stress

How to Get Rid of Stress?

There are various possible ways to eliminate stress. There are many ways to eliminate stress from your life. These methods are location specific. Here, we will tell you the methods of eliminating stress while you are at your office and in your home.

Stress Removal Tips While You Are At Your Office

  1. Time management

    Always try to become proactive with your time. Don't leave the assigned work for later instead complete it in between the assigned time interval. It will increase your productivity and you will get adequate time for you and your family.

    Time management

  2. Follow a systematic approach

    It is really good to work smart but working smartly following a systematic approach is best. Avoid taking shortcuts in order to complete your work because by mistake if something went wrong then you will be blamed, which will add stress to your professional and personal life.

    Follow a systematic approach

  3. Take a power nap

    This is the best therapy to remove stress while you are at your office. When the stress is at its peak, get up from your workstation, walk around your office and observe the nature like trees, birds, flowers etc. If you are not willing to do so then put your head down, take a deep breath and close your eyes for 3 minutes. This will give a rest to your brain and will let you think more effectively.

    Take a power nap

  4. A light workout

    It might not be possible for you to do Yoga or exercise in the office but you can perform light workout like stretching your shoulders, legs, hands and chests. This will move your muscles and will increase the blood flow providing your brain more ability to think.

    A light workout

  5. Discuss the problems with your colleagues

    While you are at your workplace, discuss work related problems with your colleagues/employees. Together you can solve toughest problems and this will make you feel light and stress free.

    Discuss the problems with your colleagues

Stress removal tips while you are at your home

  1. Dinner with your family

    In this busy world, everyone is occupied with their respective work, but most of the family members are present at the dinner time. So, dinner with your family at your home will work as a therapy to eliminate mental stress. At this time, avoid talking about your professional life and listen to the needs and the deeds of your family members.

    Dinner with your family

  2. Yoga in the morning

    Yoga is the best medicine to remove stress. It synchronizes your body, mind and soul. There are many Yoga poses that you can try to get relief from stress such as Balasana (Child pose), Uttanasana (Standing Forward Bend), Setu Bandha Sarvangasana (Bridge Pose), Marjaryasana(Cat Pose) and much more.

    Yoga in the morning

  3. A walk with your spouse

    Go out for a morning or an evening walk with your spouse. Discuss your problem and listen to theirs. He/she may not be able to solve it, but you will surely get an advisor.

    A walk with your spouse

  4. A movie with family on weekends

    On weekends, grab the popcorn and plan a movie with your family. It will give you a sense of belonging and a break from your stressful professional life.

    A movie with family on weekends

  5. Listen to soothing music

    Listening to music is very relaxing. Slow-paced instrumental music of genres such as Classical, Indian and Celtic helps in lowering the blood pressure and heart rate by inducing the relaxation response.

    Listen to soothing music

These tips will not only help you to get rid of daily work stress but will also help you to create a bonding with your family & professional network and will give you enough energy to take new challenges.

Stay stress - free. Stay Happy ☺

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